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Grasping life.

Finally getting a grip on this life of mine. I never could quite grasp it’s actual purpose.  I knew i wasn’t worthless , however i always found myself searching for answers to questions that have yet to be asked. I then  realized that I was simply moving to fast. I needed to slow down and get a grip on my own life before i help someone else get a grip on theirs.


Peace everyone. I know i have been on hiatus for a minute. Working on the album, new renaissance and what not. However , on Jan 26th i will be blessing the stage for this month’s UNIQUITY hosted by Renard Slangston Hughes Bridgewater alongw/LIVEBAND FO on the FLO. Also performances by my good friend/talentedMC/group member Marz TheSuperior and X.O boogie. I would love to see all you there so mark your calendar now. Visit the event page and click GOING. I promise you will NOT be disappointed .See you there. Easy. Oddly Epic


Still Alive

I know ya’ll have been thinking I gave up on tumblr. Well i didn’t ! Its been hectic for me these past couple of months , working on several projects and what not. I’m truly blessed to be able to work/collaborate with such amazing individuals. 2013 is looking promising and prosperous already. Working on some dope shows for you all to attend! Stay posted because i will be dropping my website sooner than soon. When i do that i will post everything i have coming up on there. I will do my best to stay active on my tumblr for those who care about it. God bless!


24 years young

I must say, this year has been one for the books. I remember around this time last year, i had not the slightest clue what i was going to do with my life. I had ideas and faith. I was constantly asking God to just “show me” . Dawning upon the birth of a new year , i feel great because not only do i know what i want to do in life, but i am actually doing it. Each day is a step in the right direction. If God spare my life for another year, i can only imagine what future will have in store for me. Unfortunately i won’t get to party today because i have too much work to get done.However , Friday DEC 14 “sounds of the underground” @ the big top (1638 clio st) i will be on CLOUD 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can bet that




I love this.

forever re-blog :D

2years ago. I left all my love and innocence in this poem. I wonder if she ever watches it and misses who we were… 2 years later and I have yet to love just as hard and just as passionate. let. go. ”Love you better” - SOL

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